I am a blogger, student, traveler, writer, follower of Christ, reader, yogi, musician, designer, believer of greater things in His plan ➳ I was born and raised in California but am currently attending college in the bright, sunny South. I study Communications and have a passion for marketing communications and graphic design.

I LOVE: brunch, traveling, dark chocolate, red wine, Earl Gray tea, & a good book

My greatest goal is to help people find their passions, pursue creativity, and live the best, happiest life possible.

Why Delight The Details?: I’ve always loved to write and as I’ve grown older, I have realized how many people don’t love the life they lead. There’s no better time than today to foster your creativity and find your passions in the lifestyle that you lead. I found my passion by realizing how much delight I really took in the little details in my life. I strive to help people pay attention to the little details that make life delightful! There are so many amazing things to experience; it’s just up to you to find them and foster them with your time, energy, and love!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to explore my blog using the navigation bar above!



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