1st Day Internship Tips
The 1st day of internship season has officially come and gone. I started this week, most of my friends started earlier this month, some even more than a month ago! Most websites will give you tips filled with common knowledge and cliche for the first week of an internship: dress well, show up on time, proofread your emails. The list goes on with things that you should probably already know. I’ve asked some of my amazing friends to weigh in on the question: “What is the best tip for making your first day of an internship a success?”

1. Me! Sarah of delightthedetails.wordpress.com:

“Pay attention, make every moment count, and work hard. Every moment that you have on the job is a huge opportunity to learn, make connections, and gain experience. I wrote about this post that touches on the importance of taking notes during and internship, and I still believe in that. Bring your own notebook and planner and write everything down. Ask if you can sit in on conference calls or meetings to observe, ask questions when you need clarification, and work hard to go above and beyond.

2. Paige of districtofdreams.wordpress.com:

Don’t be afraid to jump right in. My first day on Doug Ducey’s campaign, I walked into their office and was supposed to only stay for a couple of hours but I ended up staying until like 7pm, phone banking and doing whatever I could to meet the staff. I think that day, even though it was just one day, set me apart from a lot of other interns because they immediately recognized that I would go out of my way to help out as much as I could. I always like to think that the first day for anything, whether it’s an internship or something else, it’s a chance to set the tone for your entire experience.”

Paige has interned with Doug Ducey’s Campaign for Governor along with holding various virtual and remote internships. She is currently an intern at the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington, D.C.. Go Paige!

3. Tessa of tessadevilbiss.wordpress.com:

“Drink coffee! Honestly energy and being awake and alert and excited is really important the first day. Sometimes the first day is really intimidating but just remember that they chose YOU and believe in YOU. Work hard, stay focused, and enjoy all that you’re learning!”

Tessa has interned with Canyon Creek Church, Nordstrom’s BP. Fashion Board, and is a current intern at The A21 Campaign. Check her modeling skills out too!

Thanks for stopping by! Definitely go check out Tessa and Paige’s blogs. They’re absolutely incredible and have amazing blogs too!

What 1st day internship experiences have you had?


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