Travel Makeup

When traveling with a carry-on-only backpacking schedule, makeup can be the hardest thing to pack. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to bring with me. This is what I decided on, and I was super happy with my choices! I recommend classic, versatile makeup. It always helps to bring products that are buildable so you can create different looks whether you’re going on a hike or out for a night on the town.

[Also keep in mind, this wasn’t a round the world, bare bones trip. I was in Madrid and Paris for most of the time, two very important fashion capitals of the world. If I were going to travel to less developed locations, it would’ve been different, but since I was in big cities, I felt more comfortable with a bit more product with me.]

Face: I’m a full face kind of girl. I brought liquid foundation, powder, blush, bronzer,  concealer, three face brushes, and a beauty blender knockoff (I wasn’t going to bring my nice one over here). My concealer ran out about a month in and so I bought a new one. For me, having a face of makeup is the most important thing. I could go with mascara only, but I need my blush and concealer! I also wore sunscreen almost everyday under my makeup, because that Spanish sun will get you if you let it!

Eyes: As I said before, I could do without anything but mascara on my eyes. I brought an eyeshadow quad, liquid eyeliner, another single eyeshadow, mascara, and two eyeshadow brushes. Ideally, you should make your own quad of the colors you want: highlight, light, medium, and dark, or whatever gives you the most versatility. This is what I had so it’s what I brought and it really did work for everything that I needed throughout the trip.

Lips: I’m not a big lip product girl. I brought Chapstick with SPF that I used everyday and a lipgloss that I never used. Oops!

Brows: I do love a strong brow, so my Benefit Brow Zings was the only thing I bought. Easy to use, compact, and packs a punch.

SELFIE w/my makeup bag

All in all, I felt like I could always customize my look to the occasion. The crease brush and the small eyeshadow brush allowed me to use the dark color as dramatic or as thinly as I liked and the buildability of the face products made them ideal for the hot Spanish sun and for creating different looks.

MY TIPS: Again, when packing makeup look for classic and versatile. The more uses and occasions a product can work for, the better. And eyeshadow quad is the way to go. Durability is also an important factor to take into consideration; nothing would be worse than having an easily breakable powder compact with you on a prolonged trip. I carry all of it in a fairly small makeup bag that fits wonderfully in the crevices of my backpack, or even in my purse if I need it to!

What makeup do you bring when you travel? Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


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