living your dreams series

I believe in vision boards, meditation and prayer. I’m a Christian and the bible consistently talks about the power of prayer to change lives (Luke 6:12, Phillipians 4:6, and the list goes on). If you aren’t a Christian, this can still easily apply to you. I’ve seen first hand how the power of prayer and manfestation can change your life.

In this post from January of 2014, I said:

I do want to study abroad as well. Europe is the (common and obvious) dream and although I studied French for six years in high school, I also studied Spanish for three years. I’m thinking about minoring in Spanish and studying in Madrid or Barcelona would help my language skills so much.

So a year and half ago I talked about how I wanted to minor in Spanish and study in Spain, and here I am, studying outside of Madrid while working on my minor. I knew what my passion was (if you don’t, check out this post and this post), and I worked to make it a part of my life. I looked up the study abroad options well in advance, I worked to earn money and saved it to make sure I had enough, I prayed to see if this was where the Lord wanted to take me, and I meditated on it constantly, researching the area and continuing to learn the language.

I truly believe that a huge part of building a life that I love was made possible because I focused on and prayed for the things that I want in my life. I thought about, planned for, and prayed on this trip for a long time: that the money would work out, that the program would accept me, and the list goes on.

What it comes down to:
Are you taking time every day to make your goals happen? Are you taking time to envision and pray about your goals?

I truly believe that this time is the key to manifesting your goals and dreams in your life. Some of it takes planning, which you can see here, but a lot of it is putting your heart and soul into that end product. For some this includes a vision board similar to this, and for others this includes journaling, blogging, or intense prayer and meditation.

So if you find that you aren’t reaping what you sow or finding that your life isn’t moving towards your dreams, take a moment to think about how you’re realistically spending your time. If you want to travel but you spend all your time and money on shopping, how is that dream trip going to happen? If you want to find your soulmate but you aren’t praying to prepare your heart and seeking the Lord through it all, how is that going to play out realistically?

Focus on your goals and make them happen! Even Oprah agrees:

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to check out the other posts from this series and comment below with any thoughts! XOXO


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