Carry-On Essentials


I am very blessed to travel a lot. Some of this comes from being a student 2,000 miles away from school but some of it also comes from having a passion for travel. I’ve taken about 15 flights in the last year, whether it’s back and further from school to home, to Colorado or to London. A lot of people fly a lot more than that, but I do consider myself to have a lot of travel expertise.

These are my must haves for carry-on travel. I usually keep all these items in my North Face Jester Backpack and then use my other carry on item for my suitcase. Stay tuned for tips for packing light and using a carry on only!


1) Headphones: I usually carry two pairs with me. You never know when someone (coughboyfriendcough) is going to need another pair or when yours are going to break.
2) Hand cream: This is from Crabtree & Evelyn. It smells so good and is super hydrating. With so much hand washing and altitude change, it’s great to keep your skin moisturized.
3) Hair tie: This is self-explanatory. It’s nice when you’re running through the airport.
4) Water bottle: This is from LuluLemon. I like it because it’s glass which means less chemicals. It’s also a great size to slide into the side pocket of a backpack. I always ask the stewardess to fill it up as much as he/she can. It saves so much plastic to bring your own water bottle!

IMG_42205) Hand sanitzer: with travel, it’s easy to get sick. I carry a little travel size wherever I go!
6) Dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever. If you’re like me and you’re ready to start your day right when you land, dry shampoo is a great way to look like you haven’t been on a plane for a few hours.
7) Lip balm: see above. Gotta keep those lips hydrated! My favorite is from Eos.


8) Journal + pencil: I always carry a journal with me. Travel inspires my creativity a lot and a plane is a great place to sift through thoughts. A pencil comes in handy whether it’s for filling out the magazine Sudoku, or writing down the contact info of your seat neighbor.
9) Scarf: this is my FAVORITE travel accessory. My absolute favorite is the LuluLemon Vinyasa Scarf, but I seem to have misplaced it somewhere along the way. It’s the perfect thing to wrap around yourself when you get cold, shield your eyes from light, use as a pillow, and the list goes on. This is my MUST-HAVE travel accessory!

IMG_422110) Snacks: I always try to carry healthy snacks with me. While Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, they’re too good not to include. I carry fresh fruit and a granola bar with me when I fly! Not only is it so much easier to stay healthy, but you always save a ton of money when you aren’t shopping in airport restaurants!
11) Glasses: For those long flights spent staring at my computer screen, glasses are so important! I usually carry both sunglasses and my normal distance glasses with me.

I hope this helped some of y’all! Is there anything that you have to have when you travel? Comment below! Stay tuned for more travel tips and tricks!



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