SERIES: Living Your Dreams – Part One

Episode One: Setting Goals

living your dreams series

I am (and always have been) a goal setter. I looked back at this note a few days ago and realized how many of my goals have really manifested in my life in some form or fashion. There are some incredibly concrete dreams that were listed a year ago in my journals, that are now reality.

Coming to this realization has made me want to dig really deep into what practices I’ve employed that have made these goals happen. I picked up on a few habits that I think can be overlooked sometimes. Continue reading to find out how I set and achieve my goals:

1) Identify.

Identifying your goal is such a simple step but sometimes it can be harder than you think. Wanting a specific leadership position is a concrete goal, but sometimes feeling unfulfilled in life and wanting to appease that can be a goal, and that isn’t so easy to identify. Write what you’re feeling. Identify your goal. Express it. Meditate on it. Pray about it.

2) Evaluate.
Is this goal realistic, and if it isn’t, are you going to be able to deal with not achieving it? Is this goal fitting the person that you want to be? Are you serving God and the people around you? Are you trying out of spite and hate or joy and love? 

Don’t try to lose weight because you hate your body. Eat healthy and exercise because you love your body and want to treat it better.

Always, always do everything out of love. I firmly believe that if your goals aren’t serving the person that you want to be, you’ll never find true success. So evaluate how the goals you set are going to affect your life. A lot of people overlook this step and are surprised when they can’t achieve their goals. Why would the universe give it to you if it’s not benefitting you and those around you?

3) Research.
What can you do to best achieve this goal? If you’re trying to lose weight, what have you tried that hasn’t worked for you? What can you change? Pinterest is obviously a huge, incredible source for this step. Gain inspiration and find a new way to think about it. Reach out to people who’ve done what you want to do. Get all the foundation and layout to make a solid work plan. What have other people done that worked for them? Look for study tips, know what habits you need to change, think outside the box.

4) Plan.
Find the concrete steps to how to achieve the goal. Break it down into baby steps. Say you want to increase your number of subscribers on YouTube. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to get out of debt. Break down the step by steps on what you can do in the smallest increments. If you want to lose weight, break it down by month, then by week. This is where your research will come in handy. Know the concrete, attainable steps that you can take. This doesn’t just mean “oh, I want to eat healthier.” This means planning out your meals, preparing your snacks, and developing a plan for when cravings hit.


Visualize yourself achieving it. Visualize yourself not achieving it. Look ahead. Make measurable goal.

5) Follow through.
Prepare for the interview, submit the application, do your homework, make the meals, and put in the time. If it doesn’t happen, if you slip out of habit, if you . Realize that you can find success in the journey even if your plans don’t play out exactly how you wanted them to. Work and rework and try and retry. Failure can’t be a reality unless you quit.

I hope this helped someone! This is what I really contribute my success in school to. By planning out my time, scheduling my assignments, and being aware of my goals from the very beginning, I’m able to earn the grades I want.


Most importantly, believe in yourself. Know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Love yourself, love others, and chase your dreams! Stay tuned next week for the second part in this series: all about finding your passions!

Glory to God— for He provides.

Love and light xx


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