Quick Update: Apartment Decor


Today was cold and rainy, which meant a cozy afternoon with a cup of tea and a book spent inside my apartment. I also spent a little time after church picking up and catching up on some chores. One of the chores that I was actually really excited for was hanging up my Valentine’s Day gift from Christopher. This year, he gave me framed pictures of the hills around our hometown. I love the colors, the fact that he took them, the frames that he chose, and that they’re a little slice of home at my apartment in school! So sweet of him! Thanks, honey!

Since I don’t have professional picture-hanging equipment, I used a couple pieces of paper to see how I wanted the spacing and where I wanted to hang them. You can check out this process in the picture below! I used the same piece of paper to make sure that they were spaced pretty evenly across the wall. It worked pretty well! (Life of a broke college student…). I did end up hanging them with real nails because they were a little heavy and I didn’t think that the command hooks that I had would really support IMG_3650them. In case anyone is curious, the frames are from Aaron Brothers and they’re either the Steinbeck Thin or the San Marino models.

And here’s the finished product! (selfieee) I love, love, love them so much and am so happy to have this reminder of my beautiful home state and all of the fun adventures that Chris and I have had together!


Thanks for stopping by, y’all! I’m off to FaceTime my mom and work on some graphic design projects [and probably watch some How I Met Your Mother]! Stay tuned for my next post later this week about goal-setting and how I work to achieve my dreams!

love & light xx


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