This whole “new year, new me” thing seems so trivial.

Why do you want a new you? Why do you want to be anything but yourself, anyone other than what God and the universe has been shaping you into? You and I are exactly who we’re supposed to be at this very moment. Why are you so eager to change that?

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.06.46 AM

So why not re-think? Re-build? Re-create?

Love is never lost; it’s only changed. There is no new, only recycled.

You can’t forget the past. You can’t forget the heartbreak and the sadness and the jealousy and give it up, because the only failure is not learning. Not learning how to rebuild and rethink and recreate your life and your thoughts and your journey.

A “new moon” isn’t actually new. It’s the same moon that you’ve been seeing. The same moon that you’ve looked up at your whole life. What has changed is the amount of light being reflected onto it. That little sliver is going to grow into a huge, beautiful moon, glowing and abundant very very soon. God knows this, the universe knows this.

Take a hint from nature. You need the past to rethink your future. That little sliver wouldn’t mean anything if you didn’t know the full moon was coming soon. There are cycles and recreations and “new beginnings” out of recycled journeys everyday.

Love is never lost; it’s only changed. A new year is only what you, as yourself, make of it.


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