Now Playing: December by Norah Jones


It’s finals week. And unlike finals weeks of previous semesters, I’ve been very relaxed. My finals haven’t really mattered as far as my grades go and while I spent all weekend in the library, the actual week has been incredibly relaxed. I get up whenever the sun streaming through my window tells me to, I do yoga, I meditate and pray and listen to music and read my bible. I’ve stayed up late if I felt like it and took a nap when my body was tired from stretching and moving, painted my toe nails when I got sick of the color from the day before. I drink tea two or three times a day.

I’ve forgotten what this feels like, to not have a schedule and let my heart decide what comes next. In the midst of the crazy busy semester that I’ve had, it’s weird that this peace comes during finals week. The whole semester has been meeting after meeting, deadline after deadline, test and assignment and telling myself that it’ll be less busy in a couple weeks (even though it never became less busy).

And this is making me look forward to the Christmas break that I’ll get in a few short days all the more. I get to go to the cabin, where my only worries are how quickly we can get to the slopes in the morning and where I can fit my wet gloves around the fire when we get home at night, whether there’s space in my stomach for more wine and more laughter. My planner has nothing in it for the next few weeks except for long days in the mountains and Christmas parties.

December, you’ve been good to me.


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