I am loved. I am loving.


Yosemite, June 2014

I find myself constantly dragged down by the weight of my jealousy, my feelings of incompetence, my anger and my selfishness… I tell myself to stop being jealous and getting mad at myself because I can never do it. I tell myself how angry I am, and then I’m upset when I fulfill my own prophecy.

I am loved. I am loving.

There is nothing that the love of our Creator can’t heal, there is nothing in my heart that the Lord can’t change. The great thing about our God is that He transforms us the moment we take Him into our hearts. He has the power to ease all aches, to heal all wounds, and to give us infinite and radiant peace in the process. He loves us and gives us the ability to love in a fraction of how He loves.

I am not jealous, I am feelng jealous.

I am not hurt, I am hurting.

A mantra for myself:
I am loved. I am loving. I forgive naturally and easily. It is in my nature to love. My heart is open to receive the energy and goodness of this world and the people in it. I welcome the differences and choices of others. I am kind to myself. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, my heart is full. I see evidence of love all around me, in the beauty of nature and the little joys of life and His sacrifice on the cross. I am open to love others and myself. I give and receive love easily. It is in my nature to heal. Love is everywhere. I forgive myself. I am at peace. I have so much to be grateful for. The love that I give comes back to me many times over. I am connected to everything in the universe. I live in peace and gratitude.

For myself, I pray for abundant love and compassion, flowing both into and out from me, in a never-ending, radiant stream. I pray that I experience Christ’s love and let it take over me, that I immerse myself in it and feel myself connected to all things because of it. That the peace He gives us will wash over me and clean my heart new. I pray that I will have love and compassion for others, but also love and compassion for myself. Most importantly, I hope my love for our Creator overflows and shines from my heart. I pray that I will learn to love myself the way God loves me and that I will love others the way He loves them too.

I am loved. I am loving.


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