Baptized with the Holy Spirit

Mark 1:8 “I baptize you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

My church has so many people that are incredibly full of knowledge of the Word; it always astonishes me. The wisdom that the Lord has given them is so awesome.

What stuck with me during reading the beginning of Mark was the verse above: Mark 1:8. The talk started with a definition of “baptism” in a literal sense. To immerse, to dunk, to completely cover. We talked about the history and how baptism is used today in Christianity, but we started off so literally that it took me a little off guard (in the best way, of course).

How cool is it that Jesus will literally immerse us, dunk us, completely cover us in the Holy Spirit? There is so much power and love and grace in God’s possession that he wants to pour into us and have us pour onto others. He gives us so many incredible gifts: the ridiculous beauty of the earth, the power to make a difference, and the sacrifice of His Son.

The Holy Spirit is such a crazy thing to think about. When we accept God into our hearts, He gives us the Holy Spirit and teaches us to be like Him, to walk behind Him and love Him with everything we have. That Spirit changes our hearts and gives us the power to change others in His name too. It’s just incredible: the power that He has and in His mercy and grace, gives to us.

God is so good, y’all.

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