Europe Tour: London

Tuesday, May 20: We left out of San Francisco Airport for the long ten hour ride to Heathrow! Watched a couple movies and slept for about six hours. 

Wednesday, May 21: Had a car service take us back to the flat form the airport. We got to see a bit of London on the way through the city. Had a bit of a disaster when we found out that my debit card doesn’t work with the ATM’s here (even though when I called the bank they said it would! Ugh!). All was solved by Thursday morning, thanks to my mom, when we actually started sight-seeing. 

Thursday, May 22: Found a bank, ate a small breakfast of croissants and coffee at Pret, took the tube to Westminster where we saw the London Eye, Parliament, and Big Ben. Then we toured Westminster Abbey, walked to Trafalgar Square where we wandered into a few little shops including a book store book store, enjoyed the scenery, and visited the National Gallery. We had lunch at a pub and did some more shopping as we walked along the Strand (mainly for Maplin’s for a Europe/UK phone charger). After lunch we walked through St James Park, where we saw Buckingham Palace and Queen Victoria’s memorial. We had a lovely Italian dinner at Strada.

Friday, May 23: First thing in the morning (after making another stop at a bank since Monday was a bank holiday and we needed to stock up), we toured the Tower of London. While making our way to Southwark, we stopped at the gorgeous Southwark Cathedral where a young adult choir was performing. Definitely one of the highlights. Then we went through the Tate Modern and had pizza for dinner.

Saturday, May 24: We had a very late start, sleeping in for quite a bit. We visited Burrough Market where we explored the stalls trying bread, chocolate, apple cider, and pastries. We then went shopping on Oxford Street and Marlyebone for new walking shoes for Anna. Ate at Carluccio’s (such good gnocchi!) and came home for a peaceful evening of watching Shell Seekers Part I.

Sunday, May 25: We started the day with a Catholic mass at the Tower of London. Really cool experience because it was in the St Peter’s chapel but there were only a half dozen people with us and we got to see all the courtyards and walls with no tourists yet! Then we took the tube to South Kensington where we went to the Natural History Museum where we saw the dinosaur exhibit. Next up was Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, where we saw Kensington Palace, Victoria and Albert, the Peter Pan Statue, Princess Diana’s Memorial Playground and Fountain, walked through the flower walk, went to Harrod’s and got thoroughly confused, the Shard for birthday drinks, had ravioli for dinner from Burrough Market at home, and watched the concluding portion of Shell Seekers.

Monday, May 26: is today! We’ve done absolutely nothing but drink tea, read, munch on pastries, bread, cheese, and cookies, and watch tennis and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been cold and rainy and quite frankly we’re too tuckered out for much of anything else. 

Tuesday, May 27: Tomorrow we plan on taking the train out to Cambridge where we’ll spend the day walking about and exploring. 

Wednesday, May 28: We take the train from King’s Cross to Edinburgh, so excited!

I’ll for sure post pictures when I get the chance, but for now I have huge plans of relaxing and enjoying Jane Austen. Cheers!


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