Spring Break: Snow Addition


I’ve never been much of a beach girl. I get sunburnt, I hate the sand everywhere, and I get cranky when I’m hot… So instead of going to Florida for break, I was lucky enough to have the chance to go to Colorado. I flew into Denver on Wednesday the 26th and flew out back to Birmingham on Sunday the 30th.


It was an incredible trip. We stayed right on Lake Dillon in Dillon, CO. We went for a walk one night and caught this gorgeous sunset as we walked through the fresh powder. It was gorgeous and I felt so blessed to be witness to that beautiful scene from our Creator.

We also spent lots of time cuddled up on the couch with delicious local pizza and Hairspray (the only movie we had to watch since there was no wifi). I love me some musicals, man.


During the day, we skied at Arapahoe Basin Ski & Snowboard Area (called A-Basin) The snow was gorgeous; we had tons of fresh powder from the lovely snow. We even got a day of gorgeous sun (where I got my Spring Break burn… even in the snow). I liked ABasin a lot because as an intermediate skier with advanced skiers, there were a lot of runs for all of us to take our time on.


Of course I spent multiples lunch breaks sipping on hot cocoa at the mid-mountain lodge. Free wifi and a warm drink? Love!

We had an awesome time in Colorado. It was my first time spending a good amount of time there and I totally fell in love with the easy-going, ski-bum atmosphere of the locals up at the resort. I could definitely see myself moving there when I’m done with school, and who knows? Maybe I will!

Hope everyone had an awesome break! xoxo


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