Language Love

ImageLa Bufadora, Ensenada, Mexico

Fun fact: I have an intense love for languages. I took French from 7th grade through 12th grade, successfully passing the Advanced Placement test and a course of strictly French Literature (think Voltaire in it’s original form). During my sophomore year of high school, I decided to start taking Spanish as well. So on top of French from 10th to 12th grade, I started working on my second language. 

As a freshman in my second semester of college without any language courses, I find myself struggling. Where are my languages?! Where are my new vocabulary words, where is the practice?  

I spoke some Spanish at the end of my senior year during my trips to Mexico. My friend actually had an exchange student from Chile during this period, and one of the best compliments I got from him was, “You sound Mexican!” Granted, I was teaching seven year olds Mexican boys how to put stucco on an exterior wall, but it was still a compliment. I sat on the beach of Mexico, talking to our tour guide in Spanish about my family and school and where I was going to college. That was a pretty awesome moment. Being able to communicate is an incredible thing. (Hm… Who would have thought I’d be a Communication Studies major…?)

Those are major moments of happiness in my life. Those times bring me so much joy even know. Speaking with my boyfriend’s French exchange students (he doesn’t speak a word of French), being able to be the person who helped everyone understand the message. To helping those kids in Tecate learn a teeny bit about house-building, enjoying jokes with them and talking about girls.  

So here I am… In the point of my life where I’m considering my minor in correlation to my major and how I want to focus my studies. Do I want to minor in American Studies? Do I want to minor in Art History? But… But what about Spanish? What about French? Here I am… traveling for the first time to France in May, yearning for more language study, and slowly working on regaining my French vocabulary and conversational skills after a year off. 

But even deep in my heart: there is language love. The love for learning new things and gaining new knowledge to help discover new parts of the world. I can’t wait to see where my love takes me, I guess we’ll find out with time and the Lord’s blessing! xo


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