Romance: 15 things I Wish They’d Told Me Sooner

Oh, the lovely month of February is upon us again… The notoriously Hallmark-centered month of flowers, giant teddy bears, heart shaped jewelry, and massive boxes of chocolates.

 Valentine’s Day has continued to evolve as I’ve gotten older. It went from cards for everyone in my class to candy-grams, teddy bears, and big, outrageous displays of affection. Later, there were fancy dates and expensive bouquets. Now as a college student, the big day seems to solidify whether this particular romantic interest is really interested in you in the same way.

As I’m not cynical about this holiday and the worst Valentine’s Day disaster I’ve experienced is a tie between a 14 year old me getting grounded the night before a big date and waking up senior year of high school with a 102 degree fever, I figured that a better approach would be a more serious one. So in the spirit of this wonderful (and sometimes horrible) month, here are 15 things that I wish people would have told me about romance a little sooner:

  1. As far as breakups go: No, he’s not your soul mate. Yes, you will survive without him. Yes, this is for the best. Yes, you will find someone better.
  2. Time heals everything. 
  3. You’re worth a whole lot with or without a significant other. 
  4. No one is worth sacrificing your morals for.
  5. Don’t settle for someone who won’t treat you right.
  6. Being single is not the end of the world. (Neither is not getting flowers on Valentine’s Day.)
  7. Don’t be that girl who only cares about/talks about boys. It’s not a good look on anyone.
  8. It may seem like everyone’s in a relationship right now, but patience is a virtue and waiting will pay off.
  9. Being in the friend zone isn’t the worst place to be. If it ends up happening, a close friendship will make the relationship that much better.
  10. If you want to date someone, ask them out! The worst thing that can happen is you’ll get a no.
  11. There’s nothing wrong with falling head over heels and getting your heart broken.
  12. Don’t regret ending it if it’s what you want.
  13. Pick your battles. 
  14. Every relationship will teach you something. 
  15. The one that makes you a better person is the right person. 

XOXO & Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


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